Hearts On Fire® diamonds are the most beautiful diamonds in the world. They are the latest in cutting perfection, and are beyond the average ideal cut. Our diamonds are triple zero ideal cut round brilliant diamonds. Only a 1% of all diamonds reach this extraordinary level of perfection. Each of these diamonds are hand cut and polished for maximum brilliance and scintillation. These diamonds are the finest example of science and art working together. They represent a quality and value you can see and appreciate.

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Why You Should Buy a Hearts On Fire® Brand Name Diamond?

Hearts On Fire® diamonds are certified natural diamonds that are super ideal cut. These diamonds are independently graded by the American Gem Society Laboratories. Each diamond is graded for color, clarity and triple zero cut. Each diamond displays the highest level of the hearts and arrow pattern. Each diamond is laser inscribed with Hearts On Fire® and a unique identification number. This gives you the comfort and peace mind that you have bought the finest natural diamond available that has met the highest standards in all categories and is identifiable. With a branded diamond the consumer is visually assured of this cutting technology when the diamond is viewed under the Proportion Scope®. The scope contains a colored filter which isolates some of the white light causing a very defined hearts and arrows pattern to emerge, allowing the viewer the ability to verify the symmetry and alignment of the facets on the top over the facets on the bottom.

Prong Set Diamond Bangle

Description: This 18k white gold bangle isprong set with HOF round, brilliant diamonds. This gorgeous piece has a total carat weight of 2.30 carats.

List Price: $12,950

Solitude Diamond Bracelet

Description: Crafted in 18k white gold, this bracelet is set with one brilliant, round 0.40ctw diamond.

List Price: $6,990