Model: 1SJAW.B02A.C113A

Description: 44mm-  This watch has an incredibly stunning case made from 18kt white gold. Over the dial is a sapphire crystal that has been coated with an anti-reflective treatment on both sides.  The dial is an open dial with several different traditional finishing techniques. Unlike most watches, the most interesting features and elements are shown on the dial side rather than on the reverse side of the dial.  The functions include hours, minutes, and a tourbillon. The A&S 8000 calibre hand-wound tourbillon movement powers this watch. It has a power reserve of 80 hours and the exquisitely decorated movement can be viewed  through the sapphire crystal caseback. This timepiece is presented on a black, hand-stitched alligator leather strap with a pin buckle.

It is limited to 25 pieces worldwide.